Eglė Machtejevienė


Aim of research: to determine aspects of midwife job satisfaction. Results and conclusions.  Biggest midwives’ job satisfaction was found at unit B (72,1 percent) and unit C (71 percent) for midwives who have shortest job experience. Negative emotions and stress, related with midwifes profession, mostly typical to midwives from A unit, who unite microclimate evaluate worst. Statistically significant smaller part of midwives from A unit would not choose profession of midwife for themselves and would not recommend for others. Statistically significant bigger part of midwives from A unit are not satisfied with team work at the unite, compare with midwives from B and C unit. Midwives who are satisfied with profession are more satisfied with job compare with midwives who are satisfied with profession partly. There are direct relations between midwife satisfaction with work, relationship at the work place and possibility to take decisions. The main motive for better professional work there are bigger salary and good team work.

Keyword(s): midwife, job satisfaction, motivation.
DOI: 10.5200/159
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