Viktorija Piščalkienė, Eglė Stasiūnaitienė


Global contemporary social environment changes rapidly and raises new challenges such as the need to think critically, to make decisions and to study permanently. The context of contemporary studies shows the necessity of reflection to implement these subjects. The essence of reflection is an ability to learn identifying and analyzing own thoughts, feelings and behavior, analyzing a current situation, raising questions and searching a meaning of experience. The purpose of the research is to reveal an experience of reflection by students trying to evaluate a practice of nursing. 72 second year general practice nursing students took place in the research. All of them had made five practices before the research. Prospective nurses were asked questions based on the use of reflection, analyzing specific situations of their future profession which they experienced during professional practices. The data were processed by a method of context analysis. Categories which were related to studied phenomenon had been distinguished. New experiences related to positive and negative evaluation of nursing reality were described and analyzed, and new future actions were considered in the reflections of the students. The positive evaluations of nursing practices by prospective nursing specialists were a necessity to follow hygiene principles in nursing, to have a sincere and friendly attitude towards patients and to pursue nursing responsibly clinically. The reflections of the students showed these negative premises of nursing evaluation: an ignorance of hygiene principles, a lack of humanness towards patients, a social discrimination, a disregard of privacy of patients in teaching (informing) and a lack of communication in nursing.


Keyword(s): reflection, experiential learning, general practice nursing studies
DOI: 10.5200/sm-hs.2013.101
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