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Objective. To evaluate factors able to strengthen symptoms of the anxiety disorders and depression and to show possibilities of psychoeducation.
Methods. Qualitative research.10 women ill with anxiety disorders or depression were involved into the psychoeducation program. Two groups were organized in Psychiatric department. Each group had 6 meeting during 3 weeks. Having purpose to disclose patients’ personal meanings poetry reading was used in every group. Poetry served as a source of free associations and helped to develop dialog on various topics important for group members. Existential knowledge and information of the disease mechanism were given during group discussion. Creative artistic methods were used with purpose to express emotions and thoughts in more authentic way. All thoughts were written down and analyzed in phenomenological and hermeneutic- interpretative way.
Results. Somatic symptoms were more stronger when perception of self identity was lower. Somatic symptoms became stronger when conversation reached question of professional experience. By words of the informants “strong will to do good works and many efforts put to help other people” brought to weakness and exhaustion of psychic energy. A lack of external world impressions and smaller palette of emotions were noticed when the perception of self identity was smaller. Some informants were afraid to understand inner experiences and to disclose qualities of own personality, other had difficulties trying to apply psychological knowledge into management of personal life. They used psychological knowledge to defend their rules associated with their emotional limits. Other had a fear to be wrong trying to disclose qualities of their personality, and disclosed only negative qualities only or only positive. They confessed that they try to ignore negative emotions and weakness. Rationally they wanted to leave pedagogical practice, but emotional ambiguity was noticed. Low self evaluation blocked will to share the best professional practice with other and lead to low self evaluation, lack of spiritual goals and life meaning. The program improved their ability to communicate in the group, to express inner experiences verbally, give a hope.
Conclusion. Somatic symptoms in case of anxiety disorder are stronger when perception of self identity is smaller; when is a lack of openness to impressions of external world and smaller variety of emotions. Professional work gives negative emotions, but trying to escape an experience of these emotions lead to lower self evaluation, spiritual goals disappear and life meaning is lost. Psychoeducation reached with creative artistic methods helps to reduce somatic symptoms in case of anxiety disorders, and to reduce symptoms of depression in case of depression or anxiety disorder; bring hope, promotes the skills of verbal and social communication

Keyword(s): teachers; anxiety dissorders ; depression psychoeducation; creative methods
DOI: 10.5200/sm-hs.2013.012
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