Šarūnas Klizas, Rasa Šulnienė


In the context of social changes and ongoing education reforms, teachers’ work found itself in the midst of continuous turnover. All those processes strongly affect and influence teachers’ professional activities, their quality and work efficiency, as well as their experienced stress. The aim of the research was to analyze stress experienced by teachers and stressors in dependence on the institution of education. The data were collected using the methods of questionnaire survey. The subjects were selected using the random sampling strategy. The study was conducted in two Jonava institutions of education: a gymnasium and a preschool. The study on stress in teachers’ work involved 56 respondents: 36 of them were from the gymnasium, 20 – from preschool. Stress in teachers’ work was evaluated applying the methodology of J. Pikūnas and A. Palujanskienė. The questionnaire used in the survey revealed internal stressors which at the same time could be evaluated as internal signs of stress. Statistical data analysis was performed using SPSS 17.0 programme package. Research showed that 30% of teachers at the preschool experienced low levels of stress, and their internal stressors could not be overcome in usual ways (χ2=22.41; p<0.001). It was established that teachers both in the gymnasium and preschool felt internal stress, and one third of preschool teachers were unable to overcome internal stressors, which caused low stress.

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Keyword(s): stress; teachers; institution of education
DOI: 10.5200/334
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