Viktorija Isiūnienė, Giedrė Adomavičienė, Žaneta Mickienė


This article aim is to analyze the working cosmetology specialists their training needs. The study included 97 respondents. Objectives: 1. Cosmetology professionals working to define areas of professional activity. 2. Empirical level, the professionals employed in cosmetology skills and training needs. The paper identified cosmetology professionals in the areas of activity. After working in professional cosmetology skills and assessing their training needs emerged: demonstrate an active interest in developments in cosmetology, cosmetic services, analyze the market; cosmetology professionals the most motivated – ability to work on his favorite work and help the customer, and motivate-the pursuit of prestige and leadership position among colleagues; cosmetology professionals often raise their skills by attending seminars, conferences, showcases their careers in competitions and exhibitions.

Article in Lithuanian


Keyword(s): professional competence; training needs; motivation
DOI: 10.5200/367
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