Viktorija Piščalkienė



The aim of this research was to reveal the tendencies of labour exchange of nurses using triangulation  strategy of the research. The dynamism and opportunities of job for the nurses in 2011 are introduced in this article according the data of Lithuanian labour exchange. It is possible to draw a conclusion that according the data of Lithuanian labour exchange the offer of the nurses is stable, but small. The offer of the nurses in many districts of Lithuania may be evaluated as sufficient and it lets to prognosticate the opportunities of the placements.

The survey of the directors of health care institutions (substitutes resf oponsible for nursing) revealed the prognosis of the need of specializations  of general nursing and other specializations. The directors of the institutions referenced with attitudes of the strategy proceedings, effects of experienced or  restucturizations, age of a staff and other factors. The need of nursing specialists also have been evaluated in different health care institutions. The need of the nurses may reach 600 during 5 years or even few years later in representative health care institutions in Kaunas region. Also the huge need of emergency medical specialists, operating theatre nursing specialists have been revealed. It is possible to draw an assumption that evaluating this need not only in Kaunas region, but in the whole Lithuania, the need would be increased few or more times. There were revealed huge differences between different places of Lithuania. The biggest need of nursing specialists in labour exchange has been revealed in Kaunas city. Age characteristics mentioned in this article are closely connected with the data of Lithuanian organization of nursing specialists. According to the data of this organization, the older nurses make a big part of all the nurses.

Keyword(s): Europian Union, labour exchange, job market, general nursing specialists, anaesthesia and intensive care specialists, community nursing specialists, mental nursing specialists, operating theatre nursing specialists, emergency medical service sp
DOI: 10.5200/16
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