Milda Gintilienė


The paper discusses an opportunity of practical skills development of Kaunas College Health Care Faculty students‘ of occupational therapy and physiotherapy study programe’s  to the integration of services to socially vulnerable population groups in the learning process, in conjunction with the social partnership and dispersion. The study was carried out in  Kaunas College. Physiotherapy and Occupational therapy targeted speciality students participated in the project of the association Šviesuva „Šviesuva Children‘s University: The educational and health activities with children with physical disabilities“
During the project, students could develop and evaluate their practical skills while working with disabled children of different ages. Students had access to actual practice with disabled clients, who are very different from the normal customer experience, had gained the experience to adapt and work in non-specialized terms, could assess the significance and professional communication features while dealing with disadvantaged groups younger clients. The opinion of some students about the needs of people with disabilities complied with the provisions of the public limiting the  quality of life improvement in order to help them integrate into schoolchildren and students communities to be competitive in a labor market.
Students welcomed the activities in which they could demonstrate and develop practical and communication skills.

Keyword(s): study practice, students’ experience, reflection, supervision.
DOI: 10.5200/158
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