Vaida Batulevičienė, Kristina Žižytė


Users use tap water for various purposes. Users decide ofsuitability of a drinking tap water to their taste. Users try to adjustthe water they use and to improve the quality to their taste. One ofthe ways to improve the water quality is water filtration. Filters aremainly classified into mechanical, water softeners, iron removal,mineralizing, activated carbon and reverse osmosis pressure filters.The main function of the filter is to improve the drinking waterquality.The aim of the research is to assess the quality of the filteredtap water by the chemical composition. We evaluated waterquality by estimating amount of calcium and magnesium, sulfates,chlorides in randomly selected 29 filtered water samples by 5different filters. The survey data showed that the greatest changein chemical composition, mineral content decrease observed inwater filtered by reverse osmotic pressure filter. Mineralizing filteradds no calcium and magnesium ions, sulphates and chlorides tothe supply of water composition. Mechanical water filter does notaffect the chemical composition of the water. Iron removal filterchanges chemical composition of the water less than water softeneror reverse osmotic pressure filters. Drinking water quality can alsodepend on the watering place and filter maintenance.

Keyword(s): household water filters, drinking water, water quality
DOI: 10.5200/sm-hs.2014.113
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