Dalė Smaidžiūnienė, Vilma Rastenienė


The main problem of learning institutions that prepare futurenursing specialists is to prepare specialists who will get highqualification that correspond to European Union and the country‘sjob market needs. The goal of modern education process is theability to look for attainment, to know how to use, estimate, judgeand organize the gained knowledge and to be able to use it inpractice. The aim of this assay is to reveal the approach of generalpractice nursing students to self-dependent work, its educationaland organizational aspects and also to show the elements thatmake students get involved in organizing self-dependent workin order to gain the professional knowledge that is necessary inpractice. The assay revealed the educational aspects that motivatestudents to get involved in organizing self-dependent work actively:self-dependent work that involves getting knowledge for futureprofession, sustentation for student, interdisciplinary integrationof self-dependent tasks, assistance in choosing the subject of selfdependententproject, flexible lecturer‘s approach to self-dependentproject subjects, choice of groups, giving the reversionary ligament.During the studying process lecturers should pay more attentionto the course of self-dependent work, communication with studentand student groups, collaborate when solving the problems that arecommon for students.

Keyword(s): self-dependent work, nursing studies, educational and organizational self-dependent work making
DOI: 10.5200/sm-hs.2014.132
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