Tatjana Žuravliova


The motivation to choose the career is determined by personal characteristics, relatives or other family member’s opinion. It is alleged by 64.70 per cent. of students, and 73 per cent. of working and studying nurses. The motivation may be associated not only with individual characteristics, but also with the social environments features. Respondents of the first group states, that key characteristics of nurses are patience and communication skills (70.58 per cent.). The second group states it is patience (97 per cent.). The results showed that most of the first and second groups of respondents have nurse required properties and can be good in their fields, but with no practical work experience in nursing students underestimating that, what people working in this role believe is significant. After the analysis of respondents‘ plans for the future, it was found that most students (52, 9 per cent.), does not know whether they will keep studying or if they will relate their job with the studies after they complete their bachelor degree.

Keyword(s): motivation, occupation, students, studying nurses
DOI: 10.5200/230
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