Ilona Šuškevičienė, Milda Nekrašienė, Danguolė Česlava Rugytė, Alina Vilkė, Tomas Bukauskas, Diana Bilskienė, Andrius Macas


In these latter decades neurotoxicity of general anesthetics has been demonstrated in neonatal animal models. These data raised a concern about the safety of neonatal and pediatric anesthesia. However, prospective epidemiological studies in humans are still ongoing. Biological markers, which could be associated with anesthesia and outcome would be helpful in timely decisions regarding clinical practice in newborns and infants. To date, some brain specific proteins have been studies in various brain damage scenarios in neonates, children and adults. The purpose of the present paper is to desribe current knowledge, based on experimental and clinical data, on the influence of anesthetics on the developing brain and the applicability of certain biomarkers in cases of cerebral cell damage.

Keyword(s): apoptosis; anesthetics; brain; neonates; brain specific proteins
DOI: 10.5200/sm-hs.2013.024
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