Žydra Kuprėnaitė, Jolita Lubienė, Ramunė Ubeikienė


A healthy lifestyle education from childhood is an important factor of health promotion. A healthy lifestyle is very important in childhooh and adolescence, because at this time there is a rapidly body growing and developing, it can cause various adverse factors, in addition, the skills established in childhood persists into adulthood. A healthy diet and physical activity are very important components of a healthy living which must emerge in childhood. For the authors of this article, taking into account the specific region of Utena (close to the neighborhood of Visaginas, a poor economic situation, the distance from the biggest cities of Lithuania, etc.) it was important to investigate the impact of pupils‘ lifestyle on their health. The goal of research – to reveal lifestyle and health links of school age children of the Utena region. The results have showed that lifestyle of shool age children has a direct impact on their psychological wellbeing and physical health. Based on the research results, we can suggest that dominant negative emotional state of pupils influences their physical health disorders. The results also have showed – a significant proportion of pupils are often hungry – it also has a negative impact on their mental health, so they complain of a bad mood, irritability and insomnia. The research also has found that pupils are more active, while they are more satisfied with their lives and in general, their life quality is higher. It is positive, that the alcohol beverages consumption (especiallly-strengths) are not common in the group of tested pupils, so the research results have showed – their life satisfaction level is higher.

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Keyword(s): school age children; living; health; manner; nutrition; physical activity
DOI: 10.5200/345
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