Ligita Pociutė, Daiva Zagurskienė


Operating room nurses’ job satisfaction is important objective of institution management. Researches in job satisfaction permits to assess employers motivation, to evaluate attitudes to work, helps to identify job satisfaction factors and correct in time any organizational mismatches properly. Objective of research: To investigate operating room nurses’ job satisfaction in one university hospital. Material and methods of research: Single-step anonymous questionnaire survey for operating room nurses. 123 operating room nurses from the departments of surgery in university hospital were surveyed. Results: Most of the operating room nurses (82.9%) were satisfied with their job and more than two-thirds (70.7%) of respondents would choose nursing career again. The majority (78.9%) of operating room nurses were satisfied with the work schedule, two-thirds (69.9%) satisfied with the quality of operating room management, salary (69.2%), workload (66.7%), opportunity of training and qualification improvement (66.7%). More than a half of operating nurses (60.2%) were satisfied with teamwork and organization of work in operating room (51.2%). More than a third of nurses (38.2%) were satisfied with doctors’ attitude towards operating room nurses and relationship among employee (37.4%). Almost two thirds(63.4%) of nurses pointed higher salary as a key factor to work better and only minority accented good teamwork (18.9%) and treating nurse as a member of teamwork (12.0%).
Conclusions: Most of the operating nurses were satisfied with their job. Nurses were gratified about organization of work, work schedule, workload, quality of operating room management and opportunity for training and improvement. Higher salary, good teamwork and treating nurse as a member of teamwork are the encouraging factors for operating room nurses to work better.


Keyword(s): job satisfaction, operating nurse, nursing profession
DOI: 10.5200/sm-hs.2013.098
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