Dalia Verbylė


The article presents the few essential educational aspects ofsocial work. The first aspect of social work is a social worker asan educator (his identity and integrity). This requires knowing ofself intelectualy, emotionaly and spiritualy, on which the authorityof educator depends on. The second aspect of social work is tocreate the teaching environment, in which the truth-seekingcommunity would be practised as the basic of teaching. There aretwo kinds of truth-knowing or teaching are represented; and they arefollowing: static, hierarchical and interactive, dinamical; and theiradventures and disadventures. The third aspect of social work isthe transcendental principal presented as the specifisity of knowingin the community. That principle can be expressed in the varietyof forms and techniques depending on the identity and integrityof the teacher. That kind of teaching is presented as consentratedto the object being at the centre of attension of both the teacherand the student. This teaching allows student and client to studytogether and gives the possibility to see the reality through the eyesof others. In this case the main teaching method is a dialogue, themost reflecting the essence of knowing (from the inner person theouter world).

Keyword(s): educational aspect of social work, teacher, good teaching, identity, integrity, transcendental aspect, community of truth-knowing, the way of teaching, dialogue
DOI: 10.5200/sm-hs.2014.110
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