Ričardas Stonys, Birutė Kazbarienė, Janina Didžiapetrienė


According to statistical data, cancer incidence are increasing with age, for this reason, researchers have begun to look at what links these two processes. This article reviews molecular mechanisms, which are usually referred to in the literature reviews, that links cancer and ageing: genome instability, telomeres and shelterin, autophagy. Genomic instability is one of the main factors that determines the malignant transformation of cell. Experimental data suggest that genomic instability has a significant impact on ageing and time of survival. On the other hand, telomeres and autophagy reduces the possibility of the occurrence of genome instability and prevent malignant cell transformation and cells or the whole organism aging. It is believed that the clarification of the molecular pathways, which overlap between ageing and carcinogenesis will help scientists to create a more effective can-cer treatment strategy.

Article in Lithuanian

Keyword(s): cancer; ageing; genome instability; telomeres; autophagy
DOI: 10.5200/sm-hs.2013.132
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