Valdereza Svetikienė, Juozas Raistenskis, Ramūnas Raugalas


This article gives an overview on the scientific data regarding children‘ s brain functional assessment after a severe traumatic brain injury as well as cognitive and emotional impact of further changes in the child‘s development. Vegetative state is not evaluated. You will find a review and analyze on the case of the hospitalized children aged from 12 to 18 years who have suffered brain injuries in various ways: emotional, cognitive, physiological, and their evolution over time. At the same time you will find a parallel analysis carried out during their rehabilitation process. This article also focuses on the methodology used to evaluate the child‘s psycho-cognitive processes and developments that occurred as a result of the injuries. According to the analyze made on the scientific sources and data survey it can be stated that more objective results on the patient‘s physical and psychological condition are obtained by assessing the brain‘s functional status and cognitive and emotional parameters using the proposed methodology.

Article in Lithuanian


Keyword(s): cognitive disorders; emotional disorders; child development; brain injury; psychological stressors; psychological climate
DOI: 10.5200/285
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