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The creators of attachment theory are psychoanalist John Bowlby (1907- 1990) from Great Britain and development psychologist from Canada Mary Salter Ainsworth (1913- 1999). The internal working model is the main concept of this theory. Acording to it, every baby is seaking to conect to the primier person (mother). The bond varrants the double function: biological- ensures the pfysical survival and psychological-guarantees adecvate psychological support. The psychological contact enpo-wers the possibility to overcome the emotional disatvantegous conditions and stimulus.
Alfred Adler (1870 – 1937) The creator of the school of individual psychology. The main principals are: holism- each person tends to be an integrated unit into a specific social environment, solid lifestyle, the need for cooperation and social interest, goal oriented behaviour. A. Adler thought that the aims and ways to accomplish those goals, has more effect on a persons behaviour than experience from the past. The seek for superiority and adaptation in a social environment are the main forces which influence a persons behaviour.
Lifestyle is a unique way for an individual to accomplish main goals. t is an integrated way of adapting and interacting into a social environment. The symptom of the illness, personality features, one can understand only in the contest or display of lifestyle.
Inferiority feeling is a normal feeling common with every person and each individual tries to compensate it by doing useful or not useful manner, seeking advantage and managing tasks of life.
Main tasks of life – social connections, love and career (job).
The man started to “play” (gamble in CASINO) when the son was born. He was 27 years old and at the same time he lost his job. The client is the second child in three children family. The relation with his mother is ambivalent: he is criticising her for “not paying enough attention to the family” on the one hand, but he is taking money and services agreeable, on the other. He is angry with his wife, because she is not corresponding his imagination about woman ideal- “Kinder, Kuche, Kirche”. The client is in competition with his older brother. He devaluates, because “ the brot-her is successful only because he has “good” wife”. It is a short anamnesis of the psychotherapeutic case. This client I would like to present as an example while talking about overcoming the inferiority feeling, which A. Adler described as the most important mover of the human development. The case will be the possibility to touch with some facts of the attachment theory of J. Bowlby and M.S. Ainsworth. Both, the ways of overcoming the inferiority feeling and the peculiarities of the early relations of the human beings has huge impact on developing of the Life-style and the self, the possibility to feel the others and the ability to be able to regulate the inner emotional experience. More we will know about these factors, more we would be able to understand deeper our and explore the inner world of our clients in forensics.

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Keyword(s): life style, inferiority feeling, life tasks, attachment
DOI: 10.5200/273
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