Jonas Sąlyga


The aim – to analyze the Lithuanian seamen, offshore workers, the quality of life while they are engaged in the sea. During interrogation were 277 Lithuanian seamen. The survey aimed to examine the quality of life of Lithuanian seafarers at sea when it is working with an emphasis on their professional life in the relevant areas, such as a) professional (risk) factors, 2) the main Lithuanian seafarers’ health problems, 3) quality of life for seafarers using the SF – 36 Health Quality questionnaire, and 4) knowledge of health, assessment of the fact that many of the specific marine risks are inevitable and indispensable, but they can be modified, or in addition to developing new strategies to reduce those factors on the health of seafarers. The survey conducted in 2010 December – 2011 April. The testing sailors from 21 to 61 (average – 42.4 (SD – 11.3) years) years of age. The study showed that most seafarers’ health at work is that, such risk factors, “vibrations” – 28.2 percent. “Noise” – 18.5 percent. “Stress” – 17.5 percent. “Considerable work load – 14.9 percent. and “fatigue” – 11.4 percent. The majority of respondents (77 percent.) Experienced mild physical pain during the past four weeks. There was no physical pain suffered small number of respondents – 12 percent. Very poor physical pain experienced by only 11 percent. Almost half of respondents (47 per cent.) Perceived their health as “good”. A similar number of respondents perceived their health as “excellent” (22 percent), and “very good” (21 percent). Only 10 per cent. seafarers perceived their health as “satisfactory.” More than half of respondents (75 per cent.) Physical or emotional health problems prevented the normal average respondents social activities with family, friends or others. 13 percent. respondents said that was only slightly influenced by the normal social activities. A similar number (12 per cent.) Respondents said that they did not suffer any impact.

Keyword(s): seafarers, quality of life.
DOI: 10.5200/187
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