Aleksandras Kriščiūnas


Disability is part of human condition. The number of peoplewith disabilities is growing. Every epoch has faced the moral andpolitical issue of how best to include and support people withdisabilities. This issue will become more acute as the demographicsof societies change and more people live to an old age. There isa global increase in chronic health conditions such,as diabetes,cardiovascular diseases and mental disorders, which will influencethe nature and prevalance of disability. Establishment of a complexrehabilitation system of disabled people is great challenge. It is tobe understood as a versatile system of legal, medical, economical,organizational, etc., means, which helps people to regain theirdisturbed biopsyhosocial functions, compensate them and adaptthem to society. The article further calls to organise, stengthen,and extend comprehensive rehabilitation services and programmesfor disabled people, which should begin as early as possible, basedon multidisciplinary assessment of individual needs and strengths,and including the provision of assistive devices and technologies.

Keyword(s): disability, rehabilitation, biopsyhosocial functions
DOI: 10.5200/sm-hs.2015.001
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