Sigitas Griskonis, Birute Strukcinskiene, Juozas Raistenskis, Ieva Griskonyte


The survey on working environment and health of specialists working with computers was accomplished in Lithuania in 2011. In the survey participated 204 specialists working with computers at the offices, at small and medium sized business companies. Chi-square test was used and the significance level p ≤0.05 was considered statistically significant. The study revealed as about one-third (33 %) respondents work with computer all working day, 26% work 4 hours, and 24% work 6 hours per day. Men and women work with computer similar number of hours per day.Most of specialists working with computers (60%) use modern computer chair with modifying elements. Almost one-third (29%) respondents think that their chair is uncomfortable. 24% respondents use the working table with unsuitable high, 31% use the working table with too small area and insufficient space. Only quarter (25%) specialists working with computers work at very good illumination, and 55% – at good illumination. Significantly more men than women use modern computer chair (p=0.035). The computer equipment at men‘s table are located more convenient than at women‘s (p=0.046). Nearly half (43%) workers with computers are disturbed at work by strangers, and 18% – by noise. To concentrate and work for men disturb noise, and for women disturb noise and strangers. Physical discomfort could be reduced by using working chair with castors, working chair with the ability to change the heigth of the chair, and the chair with elbow-rests.

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Keyword(s): working environment; health; working with computers; health promotion
DOI: 10.5200/321
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