Tomas Vedlūga


2010 February 22, Order No. V-151 was approved by the e-health system from 2009 to 2015-year development program. This program is designed to balance the current and emerging information and communications technology capabilities, so as to ensure the evolutionary Lithuanian e. health system development, consistently improving health care quality. E. health system and an essential health care information technology infrastructure component is an electronic medical history (EMH), and their systems. EMH‘s system is designed to capture, transmit, receive, store, combine, and manipulate multimedia data, with the ultimate goal – to provide health care services.
Objective. To find out the views of patients and doctors about the medical history of an electronic role by raising the quality of patient care and improving health facilities performance.
Job object. The study was conducted public Centre clinic. Medical staff and patient‘s opinion on the electronic medical history and evaluation.
Writing job analysis and evaluation of national legal and regulatory framework, literature, completed the questionnaire. Obtain and evaluate data using SPSS and Microsoft Exell programmed to EMI in 2007 and the program.
Most of the bodies of patients and clinic workers in the administration welcomes the electronic medical history. These trends are apparent at a younger age of the respondents with a better education. But doctors are divided into two parts: before and after. Pessimistic attitude most doctors older, longer length of service personnel.
EMI and further improve the efficiency of office processes, health care access and quality. Reduce the labor costs of health services administration, statistics and management. Will enable continuous communication between doctor and patient. In order to be an electronic medical history of patients and clinic staff of the Centre positively. EMH and benefits professionals in health institutions directly affects the benefits to the patient. And EMH‘s benefits to the patient directly benefits the medical center and the Polyclinic.

Keyword(s): e. health, electronic medical records, effectiveness, quality, health information, patient, access to health services.
DOI: 10.5200/172
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