Aldona Šileikaitė, Arūnas Germanavičius, Ilona Čėsnienė


Forensic psychiatry is an important area, which remains stigmatised and required scientific attention. Until now, there are lack of epidemiological population based studies in Lithuania so true picture about extent of the problem is unclear. This study included records of 325 patients who were treating in Rokiškis psychiatry hospital at the beginning of 2015. Data were collected by original researchers created survey. A sample consisted of 289 (89%) males and 36 (11%) females. The average age of patients was 41,7 years (SD = 14,0). Almost half of patients (44%) had low education. Results of study correspond to scientific data, that the majority of forensic psychiatry patients are diagnosed as psychotic (69,5%). Substance abuse in the sample is quite prevalent too (41,2%). The findings demonstrated that violent crimes are the most prevalent among forensic patients (63,1%). The results of the logistic regression show that increase in patients’ substance abuse and their age was significantly associated with violent offending (p<0,05). More research is needed to obtain specific knowledge about all types of risk factors of offending behaviour in Lithuanian forensic psychiatric population. Validity of risk assessment instruments needs examination by further research as well.

Keyword(s): forensic psychiatric patients; risk of offending behaviour; violent behaviour.
DOI: 10.5200/sm-hs.2016.007
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