Marija Kušleikaitė, Lina Gedminienė, Artūras Razbadauskas, Vida Mockienė


Pain is one of the biggest public health problems in the world. New methods to relieve pain are constantly being searched and as far as possible to better understand the causes of pain and eliminate them. Lack of relieved pain is caused by many social, psychological and financial problems for patients and their families. The purpose of the work is to investigate the nurses action in managing acute pain patients of trauma. In the study quantitative (nurses survey) testing methods and correlation analysis were used. Results of the research: many nurses believe that pain is associated with depression, suffering, tissue damage, include the psychological, physiological, social components, minor part of the opinion is that pain is one of the main symptoms, promoting the body’s protective reaction. Solving pain problems of trauma patients, nurses estimate the patient’s experienced pain, find out how a patient describes the pain by himself, as well as watching a patient’s reaction, using pain ruler. For relieving pain, nurses most often use pharmacological methods of pain control. Nurses in pain management process involve patients, asking whether it hurts or not, teaching them self-control, allowing to talk out and by showing attention to them.

Keyword(s): nurses; patients of trauma; managing of pain
DOI: 10.5200/sm-hs.2013.029
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