Eglė Stasiūnaitienė, Simona Mažeikaitė


Social work with social risk families has a variety of difficulties. Social worker often encounters issues that jeopardise not only his psychological, but also physical safety, while trying to help social risk families to cope with their problems. The analysis of the research results shown that the research participants most often encounter problems when they are communicating with social risk families and when they are providing social services to those families. They experience these issues because of those families’ negative attitude towards social workers, their avoiding to communicate, lack of motivation and passiveness towards changing. The research shows that most of the participants feel anxious about visiting social risk families, because of the danger to their physical safety. The research participants also emphasized that they feel lack of closer cooperation within the institutions.

Keyword(s): social worker; problem; social risk family.
DOI: 10.5200/sm-hs.2015.082
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