Aistė Audickaitė, Jolita Stankevič, Valdas Šimčikas, Henrikas Cesiulis, Rasa Jarašienė, Virginija Bukelskienė, Violeta Žalgevičienė, Janina Tutkuvienė


The aim of the study was to investigate physical characteristics and the effects of ionized (electrolyzed) water on rat‘s maternal body weight, blood and urine pH, open circuit potential values and external signs.Methods. 30 Wistar rats were divided into 3 groups: the first experimental group (I EG) was given to drink alkaline water, the second – acidic water (II EG), while the third (control) was given tap water (III EG). Rats were weighted, pH of the urine, blood and the open – circuit potential were measured, external signs were evaluated.Results. Concentrations of Cl-, SO42-, NO3- ions increased in acidic water, Ca2+ concentration significantly reduced in alkaline water. Chloroform and bromdichlormetan concentrations exceeded permitted levels after the electrolysis.Rats that drank ionized (electrolyzed) water, gained less weight. Urine pH in rats that drank alkaline water was more acidic (p>0.05). Blood pH among groups didn’t differ. Open – circuit potential in rats’ blood was normal (varied within the range of 55 mV). After two weeks, first signs of stress appeared in rats drinking ionized (electrolyzed) water.Conclusions. Ionized (electrolyzed) water negatively affected rats’ physical status – they gained less weight, not characteristic external signs appeared, urine pH was acidic in rats that drank alkaline water. Ionized (electrolyzed) water did not effect on an open – circuit potential.

Keyword(s): ionized water, electrolyzed water, blood pH, urine pH, open circuit potential.
DOI: 10.5200/sm-hs.2014.024
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