Rima Margevičiūtė, Sigutė Norkienė


A modern pace of life, decreased physical activity, sedentary work, poor posture and so on influence the emergence of back pain. Correct positions, movements and physical exercises have significant impact on the reduction of pain, prophylaxis and prevention. A variety of physical exercises may be assigned to a patient, depending on the low back pain intensity and its origin. Pilates method is one of exercises systems, which become more and more popular in low back pain treatment both in fitness and rehabilitation fields. The aim of the study was to evaluate the impact of Pilates exercises on functional state and pain of low back for people who perform sedentary work. In this study participated 37 sedentary work employees, who have felt chronic low back pain. All participants came to their first Pilates practice. The study utilized quantitative method of data collection. The instruments used in the study: questionnaire, visual analogue pain scale (VAS), static trunk muscular endurance tests by S. McGill (2007). After practicing Pilates for a month, static endurance of trunk muscle increased statistically significantly. Low back pain intensity has decreased statistically significantly from average to weak. Low back pain has been reduced by the increased balance of static endurance among the torso muscle groups.

Keyword(s): Pilates exercises; low back pain; sedentary work.
DOI: 10.5200/sm-hs.2015.127
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