Dalia Bumblauskytė


The surgical treatment methods of ankle joints (adjusting tibial osteotomy, arthrodesis of intertarsal joint, arthroplasty) were used before there appears an endoprosthesis for replacement of ankle joint. Even so, after the surgical rehabilitation there are still a partial insufficiency of ankle joint function and ache problems. Foreign and Lithuanian scientific press write about it equally. The purpose of this research work is to evaluate the physiotherapy influence on the rehabilitation efficiency. The second objective is to compare how the physiotherapy governed by relaxation techniques on soft issues and cryotherapy have had influence on the results.

The research was done in Palanga rehabilitation hospital. The patients who have had the implanted ankle joint replacements were engaged in this research work. All patients had surgeries in Center for Joint Replacement (CJR) in Klaipeda hospital. It was done by the same orthopaedist-traumatologist. A STAR prosthesis were implanted into every patient. In first group there are 12 patients who have been applied physiotherapy. The second group consists of 12 patients as well who were treated by physiotherapy governed by relaxation techniques on soft tissues and cryotherapy. The measurements were done twice; arriving at rehabilitation hospital and leaving the hospital. The results of both groups have been studied and also they have been carefully compared.

Conclusion. It has been established, that after the procedures of physiotherapy, the index ratings of functional stage were statistically significant among both groups. After treatment the improvement of  indexes of Keithel and Barthel, the muscle‘s strenght of shin, also ankle flexion and extension were statistically significant for the tested members  of the  first and the second group. The pain and the sizes of the ankle joint and foot reduced statistically significantly for the members of first and second group. It  was found, after all the investigation results were compared, that slightly better treatment effect was achieved in the group, which had exercises with soft tissue releasing techniques and kriotherapy then in group, which had only exercising therapy.

Keyword(s): ankle joint, physiotherapy, arthroplasty, cryotherapy, soft tissues, rehabilitation
DOI: 10.5200/3
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