Ramutė Rimkienė


Practical training takes half the study time in biomedical and social sciences degree programs. The most part of practical training is realized in institutions of health care and social work. Active participation of mentors in the practical training process provides a better students; practical skills and helps them to socialize in a new environment. It is necessary to monitor and evaluate practices effectiveness if we need in order to ensure practical training quality. The aim of research – to disclosure connection between psychosocial environment and achievement of the practical training objectives in the practical training settings. 213 final-year students of health care and social work education programs were participating in this reseach. The reseach was conducted in the 2009-2011 year. Results showed that positive psychological climate in the organizations allows to achieve practical training goals. The analysis of the reseach results by the study programs showed that the psychological climate prevailing in the most positive assessment students of physical therapy, cosmetology, pharmacy, and oral hygiene education programs.

Keyword(s): mentor, practical training, psychosocial environment.
DOI: 10.5200/164
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