Safety And Toxicity Combining Radiation Therapy With A Biologic Therapy In Locally Advanced Head And Neck Squamous Cell Cancer At The Klaipeda University Hospital Clinical Practice

Jurga Remeikienė, Aista Plieskienė, Alvydas Česas, Jūratė Kasnauskienė Abstract We retrospectively reviewed head and neck cancer cases, treated cetuximab concomitantly with radiotherapy in Klaipeda University Hospital. Comparison of acute side efects of bioradiotherapy and survival analysis. Keyword(s): cetuximab; radiotherapy; head and neck cancer; toxicity; risk factor; HPV. DOI: 10.5200/sm-hs.2016.079 Full Text: PDF Back

Frequency, Causes, Diagnostics and Treatment of Constipation in Family Doctors Work

Urtė Sudnickaitė, Brigita Aidukienė, Kazys Simanauskas Abstract Constipation is a highly prevalent disorder in the primary care. The observed morbidity differences between gender, age, socioeconomic classes with different feeding habits, physical activity and related diseases. Aim. To evaluate causes, diagnostic, treatment features of constipation in the primary care. Methods: was made random interviews of people…