Sonata Marčėnienė, Violeta Dapšienė, Valentinas Mačiulis, Janina Utkuvienė


The article covers intermediate results of a continued project (December 2010 – August 2011), conducted by the specialists of the Republican Vilnius Psychiatric Hospital, titled ‘Psychological Counselling on the Internet’ (detailing the possibilityfor anyone to seek psychological advice via this new technology); the aim of the study is to evaluate the need of such service, as well as prevention and educational opportunities. During the process of the work we have generalised the received information, conducted qualitative and quantitative analyses by evaluating the distribution of addressers according to age, sex, problems discussed and other indicators which lead to the conclusion about the need and educational as well as preventive value of such service.

Article in Lithuanian


Keyword(s): psychological counselling; psychological counselling online; psychological support; psychological education; mental illness
DOI: 10.5200/245
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