Dovilė Bastakytė, Kazys Algirdas Kaminskas


Where examined psychosocial risk factors in Lithuanian small construction and real estate companies. For evaluation of these factors were used the four questionnaires. In this paper studies presented by the using the “burnout”, Copenhagen (COPSOQ II, 2007) and work motivation questionnaires. Investigations were carried out in 11 small construction companies and in five real estate agencies of the total of 199 respondents. The biggest problem for construction companies is that most employees can not influence their allocated workload and going through that does not have time to do important tasks in high quality. Has been observed that women are more affected by stress than men, and employees who are 45 years old or more, have a greater risk of experiencing the “burnout” syndrome. In real estate agencies, using the Copenhagen questionnaire, where found that the main psychosocial risk factors is high-paced, emotional and stress conditions. It was found that women are more sensitive to psychosocial risk factors than men. Persons occupying leading positions, feel a greater commitment to their workplace, although their work has a greater negative impact on their personal lives than other employees. The study, using a questionnaire motivation at work, so established motivating factors of real estate agencies rating: job content, financial motives and achievements. At least are motivated the relationship with manager.

Article in Lithuanian

Keyword(s): “burnout” syndrome; stress; psychosocial risk factors; risk group; a small construction companies; real estate agencies
DOI: 10.5200/sm-hs.2013.036
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