Loreta Kubilienė


The article analyses whether the community pharmacies in Kaunas city adhere to Good pharmacy praxis rules, whether they provide high quality pharmaceutical services. Factors, contributing to the quality of these services, are also analyzed.
Objective. Assessment of pharmaceutical services in cases of dispensing of prescription only and over-the-counter medicines for treatment of acute or chronic diseases or minor illness. Material and methods. Theoretic: analysis of literature sources in the aspect of the chosen study. Empirical: an anonymic poll has been conducted to find out the position of the respondents. Community
pharmacies of Kaunas have been chosen as the object of the study. Results and outcomes. The results of the study have demonstrated that the quality of the services provided in community pharmacies varies in the sale of Rx and over-the-counter medicines as well as in cases of different health condition of the patients. It was estimated during the study that pharmaceutical services provided in Kaunas community pharmacies are not of sufficient quality.
Too little attention is being dedicated to the peculiarities of the sale of Rx and over-the-counter medicines. This could cause drug use problems and worsen the health condition of the patient. Also the confidentiality of the pharmaceutical service is not being guaranteed.

Keyword(s): Good pharmacy practice; pharmaceutical services; pharmaceutical care; consumption of medicines; pharmacy specialist.
DOI: 10.5200/36
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