Rimantas Stukas, Marius Baranauskas, Edmundas Švedas, Linas Tubelis


On purpose to explore and evaluate nutrition peculiarities of perspective training Olympic team athletes by using special questionnaire method, 79 athletes were surveyed. To explore a factual diet of the athletes, there was applied 24 hours 3 days consecutively survey method. Statistical analysis of the data was made by using SPSS.13 statistical program.Results have shown that energy of food ration of athletes between 15 – 18 years old and 19 – 22 years old, corresponding 46,9 ± 13,9 kcal / kg-1 ∙ day-1 and 39,7±13,8 kcal ∙ kg-1 ∙ day-1 respectively, are not sufficient. The amount of protein and fat in diet exceed physiological requirements of male bodies. An imbalance of an essential amino acid methionin and non-essential amino acids arginine and thyrosine in athletes’ diet determine inappropriate proteins supply in their bodies. The amount of carbohydrates in 19 – 22 years old males and females and 15 – 18 years old females’ diet is insufficient. The amounts of vitamins and minerals in athletes’ food rations do not confirm recommendable amounts. In addition to this, when correcting athletes nutrition vitamins and minerals need to be selected and adjusted to accustomed nutrition individually.

During research we have determined, that only a half of perspective training Olympic team athletes consume fresh vegetables every day and only 53 percents every day or several times per day consume cereal products. 60 percent of athletes consume meat, fish and egg products every day. Milk and dairy products are used every day by less than a half of Olympic team athletes. The differences in using food products are determined by athletes’ age and sex. Male more often consume cereal products (p < 0,05) and meat, egg and fish products (p < 0,05) comparing with females. 19 – 22 years old athletes, comparing with 15 – 18 years old athletes, more often consume leguminous products (p < 0,05) and special nutrition products for athletes (p ≤ 0,05). The main criteria of choosing products do not depend on athletes’ age and sex. 73,4 percent of perspective training Olympic team athletes choose food products in aim to achieve better health mostly considering on the taste of food products.

Keyword(s): athletes, aspects of nutrition, Olympic team
DOI: 10.5200/10
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