Jolanta Didžiokienė, Ramunė Drazdauskienė


The article analysis social, motivational and diagnostical aspects of violation on sexual autonomy and inviolability committed by the persons who were examined in Utena forensic psychiatric department in the year 2001-2010. The prime motive of sexual violence is libido satisfaction by choosing casual victims who were nearby. The study analysis the prevailing age of the examined, the character of the crime, the influence of cocial factors on the sexual violence, the victims. 48% of the victims were strangers, casual people, the ones whom the criminals had been drinking alcohol with, family members. 30% of the victims were children and adolescent. According to the research data low education of the examined persons, abuse of alcohol and other psychotropic drugs previous convictions were prevailing as well as the fact that they did not have any source of income and a sexual partner. The article discusses the most frequent mental disorders of the examined who committed the above mentioned violations. In 21% of the examined cases the personality disorders were prevailing. About 64% of the examined people were previously inpatients in mental institutions. The article also presents the preventive possibilities of sexual abuse.

Article in Lithuanian


Keyword(s): violation on sexual autonomy, forensic psychiatry, cocial factors on the sexual violence, motive of sexual violence, mental disorders
DOI: 10.5200/263
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