Irena Mikalauskaitė, Kristina Saldūnaitė


Introduction. Smoking is a serious risk factor for many diseases. Every year from the nicotine-induced diseases in the world are dying about 5 million people, in Lithuania 7-8 thousand. In many countries scientific researches demonstrated the dangers of smoking to human oral health. Objective. Analyze smoking students’s knowledge about the influence of smoking on the oral health. Materials and Methods. During the months of February – March of the 2016, the study was carried out, which included 148 students enrolled at Kaunas Vytautas Magnus University of Humanities and Economics and Management faculties. Used an anonymous questionnaire. Results. The data from this study shows that 58,1 % students more or less smoking. Assessment of smoking students’ knowledge, about the effects of smoking on the oral tissue, almost overwhelming majority (94,2 %) indicated that smoking is bad for the health of the mouth. The vast majority of students who smoke, knew that smoking cause lung (95,3 %) and oral (90,7 %) cancer. More than half (62,8 %) of the students knew, that cigarette smoking is associated with cardiovascular diseases. The most often smoking students gets the knowledge of the smoke impact on the oral tissue from internet (95,3 %) and media (94,2 %). Concliusion. Data from this study revealed that respondents know that smoking is bad for the health of the mouth (94,2 %). But only 14 % respondents are aware that smoking effects the periodontal disease emergence and progression.

Keyword(s): smoking; oral health; smokers oral hygiene.
DOI: 10.5200/sm-hs.2017.002
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