Aurelija Alčauskienė, Albertina Vitkienė, Viktorija Grigaliūnienė


The article analyses the significance of Head Nurses – Nursing Administrators leadership styles in health care. Proper leadership is important in every health care organization, Head Nurses need to know and be able to apply a variety of leadership styles. Managers often choose wrong leadership style without appreciating the real situation, which affects the quality of health care, increases patient and employee dissatisfaction, and makes employees less motivated to achieve their goals. Researchers emphasize that Head Nurses must have the knowledge of management science and practice in order to manage the entire department. This article discusses the main three leadership styles: transactional, transformational, and charismatic leadership styles and their principles. There are also four different leadership styles offered in the situational leadership model: directing, coaching, supporting – facilitating and delegating. It is important for managers to acquire emotional and social intelligence, they should encourage innovative thinking for individual and team productivity. Head Nurses through effective leadership styles can complete future challenges by fulfilling the mission and the vision of the health care organization.

Keyword(s): nurses-nursing administrators, leadership style, health care.
DOI: 10.35988/sm-hs.2019.123
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