Aistė Milaknytė, Indrė Juzelskytė, Žana Bumbulienė, Gražina Stanislava Drąsutienė


Objective. To determine sexual behavior and attitudes to humansexuality in eighteen years old adolescents.Materials and methods. Vilnius city (1st group) (5 secondaryschools, 2 gymnasiums) and Vilnius districts (2nd group) (1secondary school, 4 gymnasiums) schools participated in aconfidential questionnaire survey during the 2012 – 2013 schoolyear. 711 students of eighteen years old were questioned.Results. 1st group response rate was 509 (71,6%), 2nd group –202 (28,4%). A response rate of 385 (54,1%) girls and 326 (45,9%)boys was achieved. 291 (40,9%) were sexually active: 1st group 221(43,4%) and 2nd group 70 (34,7%) (p>0,05), the main motives werelove for partner 146 (50,2%) and party with friends 64 (22%). Theaverage age of sexual debiut is 16,3 ±1,1 years (1st group 16,4±1,1m.; 2nd. 16,1±1,2 m.) (p>0,05), number of partners – 2,3±1,8 (1st2,3±1,6; 2nd 2,4±2,2) (p>0,05). 63,9% of adolescents think thatthe sexual debiut should start at age 18. At least once 374 (52,4%)students have watched pornography and first time it happined atthe age of 13,7±1,5. Adolescents trust information received frominternet 236 (33,1%), parents 197 (27,7%) and school 171 (24,0%).Discussion about sexuality is needed for 153 (21,5%) adolescents,more often for girls (60,8%). Most (60,9%) would like to getinformation from a doctor or teacher (30,8%).Conclusions. There are more sexualy active adolescents inVilnius city than in Vilnius district. Adolescents in Vilnius disctrictbegin sexual life earlier and have more partners. Average age ofsexual debiut is 16,3 years, but most adolescents think it should be at18 years. In adolescents opinion, information received from internetis the most reliable source of information. Most of adolescentsrequire discussion about sexuality, especially girls. They wouldlike to speak to a doctor.

Keyword(s): teenagers, sexual behavior, contraception.
DOI: 10.5200/sm-hs.2014.061
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