Birutė Strukčinskienė


The analysis of seafarers’ life style, particularly the aspects of their nutrition are of great importance for planning and implementing healthy nutrition measures and for promoting seafarers’ health. The survey on nutrition in seafarers was accomplished in Lithuania. In the survey participated 208 full time and half time students (already working ones and future seafarers) of Lithuanian Maritime Academy. Chi-square test was used and the significance level p ≤0.05 was considered statistically significant.
The study revealed that about half of investigated seafarers (54 %) everyday takes breakfast, and 19 % of them –do not take breakfast at all. About half (53 %) of seafarers eat three times per day, almost one third (27 %) – eat four and more times per day, and 18 % – eat only two times per day. One fourth (24 %) of respondents everyday eat vegetables and only 16.3 % – everyday eat fruits and/or berries. 3-5 days per week the vegetables eat 35.1 % seafarers, and fruits and/or berries – eat 26 % seafarers. 1-2 per week the vegetables eat 36.5 % seafarers, and fruits and/or berries – eat 53,8 % seafarers. Dark bread everydays eat about one third (29.8 %) seafarers, and 3-5 days per week – eat 24 % seafarers. Everyday sweets eat 11.1 % , 3-5 days per week eat – 22.6 %, and 1-2 days per week eat more than half (55.8 %) seafarers. 45.7 % of seafarers use two teaspoons of sugar for the cup of tea or coffee. At least 1-2 times per week half of seafarers drink unhealthy drinks (cola and other sweet, carbonated drinks), and 46.2 % of seafarers used to eat fast food. About one third (28.4 %) of seafarers subjectively think, as their health is very good. During the last 12 months, 55.3% of investigated seafarers were not ill. Subjectively 61.5 % seafarers think, as they have enough knowledge on healthy life style. Women have better health than that of men, and urban respondents – than that of rural. More attention needs the seafarers’ teaching and education on healthy nutrition, and the healthy life style formation.

Keyword(s): seafarers, life style, nutrition
DOI: 10.5200/189
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