Asta Mačiulienė, Vytautas Mačiulis, Andrius Macas


The aim of this study is to assess and compare the publications which are targeted to predict fluid responsiveness by variability inferior vena cava for spontaneously breathing patient. The publications were searched in PubMed Central scientific database. Four publications which fitted including criteria were analyzed. 170 patients were examined to evaluate vena cava diameter using ultrasound to predict fluid responsiveness. Conclusions. There were no difference between methods of ultrasound evaluation of inferior vena cava in all studies. Three of four studies have shown that greater than 40% IVC measurements were associated with fluid responsiveness. However, one study has shown different result but this study had several limitations.

Keyword(s): vena cava; collapsibility; variations; spontaneous breathing; fluid; responsiveness.
DOI: 10.5200/sm-hs.2016.029
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