Vytis Kazlauskas, Gilvydas Verkauskas


The report consists of 2 consecutive cases of neonatal hydrometrocolpos, when drainage was ineffective. One of them, born of 37 weeks gestational age, had associated Johansson-Blizzard syndromic sequence. Another, born of 33 weeks gestational age, had no other anomalies. Both girls had persistent urogenital sinus. A percutaneous drainage was chosen in the first case and an intermittent catheterization was instituted in the second. Both procedures were effective only temporary with a recurrence of hydrometrocolpos. Reconstructions were made at the age 20 and 45 days of life by the mobilization of urogenital sinus. The postoperative courses and follow-ups of 2 months to 1 year were not complicated. Conclusions: when a drainage procedure is not effective in a case of persistent urogenital sinus complicated by neonatal hydrometrocolpos, mobilization of urogenital sinus seems to be a safe and curative operation in the first month of life.

Keyword(s): Hydrometrocolpos; persistent urogenital sinus; mobilization of urogenital sinus
DOI: 10.5200/399
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