Lolita Rapolienė, Jonas Sąlyga


Stress as a psichophysiological phenomenon inextricably linked with human occupation and strongly influence its effectiveness, often by reducing performance. Investigations in Europe Union shows, that more than 50% of workers are affected by work- related stress. Experts estimated up to 70% of cases associated with emotional stress and it influences work performance and disablement. Seafaring is one of the most dangerous professions, where plenty of challanges associated with specific physical and mental risks. Specific risk factors as harsh environment conditions, disruption of work and rest periods, long working hours, reforms of marine industry, small recreational opportunities are closely associated with stress. Work-related stress is experienced by 28,3-63,5% seafarers. Therefore, stress and fatigue problem must be properly evaluated to determine the risk factors, psychoemotional stress levels, complex measures for the prevention of stress at work and recreation for seafarers ashore. Stress and fatigue can only be addressed if all levels of the seafaring industry are co-operatively involved and accountable. Purpose of this article- to overview literature related with psychoemotional conditions of seafarers, consequences of stress, possibilities to measure stress in workplace and recommendations for lowering stress in workplace and rehabilitation of stress conditions.


Keyword(s): stress of seafarers; risk factors of seafaring industry; fatigue; evaluation of stress
DOI: 10.5200/298
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