Žaneta Valiulienė, Arvydas Šeškevičius


The problems of palliative patients’ spirituality are essential object of scientific investigation. The faith decreases patient’s spiritual pressure and worry not only during diagnostic procedures and treatment, but also at the last stage of disease. Religion becomes the base of spiritual strength and spirituality can be treated as a ability to seek the aim and meaning of life, to believe, to love and forgive, to overstep sensual experience. The aim of investigation – to find out the psychic health problems of palliative patients with oncological disease and chronic heart deficiency. The investigation was carried out on the 1st April 2010 – 30th April 2011 in the 5 hospitals of supportive treatment and care. It revealed that palliative patients with chronic heart deficiency pray with peace of mind and harmony, they feel the existence and help of God, find strength in faith and religion. Palliative patients with oncological disease feel disappointed with God, their emotional relationship with God is unstable, they feel anxious, think that God doesn’t answer to their prayer and don’t protects them, tend to feel worthless.


Keyword(s): palliative help; spirituality; health problems
DOI: 10.5200/314
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