Gvidas Urbonas, Loreta Kubilienė, Aušra Urbonienė


Pharmacists being the final safeguard against potentially harmful medication-related problems have moral and legal obligation to take precautions and, if necessary, to intervene the medication process in order protect the community from potential harm due to prescription and dispensing errors. However, pharmacists’ dispensing behaviour may be affected by organizational factors, such as job satisfaction. The aim of the study was to apply the Partial Least Squares Structural Modelling Approach to assess pharmacists’ job satisfaction and its effect on dispensing precaution taken at community pharmacies in Lithuania. The results showed that pharmacists’ satisfaction with salary and promotion significantly affected their dispensing precaution behaviour. Community pharmacies are recommended to consider these aspects as a means of increasing pharmaceutical service quality.

Keyword(s): job satisfaction; dispensing precaution; medication safety
DOI: 10.5200/sm-hs.2015.043
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