Romuald Jaworski, Jan Bielecki


Owing to the importance of the problem of self identity in psychology and psychotherapy, Institute of Psychology of Cardinal Stefan Wyszyński Universitybegan investigating quality analysis of identity.The research so far focused on intensity and importance of the sense of identity in developmentalprocesses and psychotherapy. The pilot studies recounted tended to concentrate on such areas of self-identification, as gender, family, social environment,politics, religion, professional career, health and temperament, and such additional categories as, emotions and psychosocial age.The paper describes strategies of the research, still in progress, upon the significance of health conditions(perception of oneself through the prism of norm or pathology) in order to establish other areas of identity.

Keyword(s): identity, personalism in psychology, religiousness, health, illness.
DOI: 10.5200/sm-hs.2014.009
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