Virginija Žilinskaitė, Rūta Kvederienė


Children and adolescent trauma is an important health problem in Lithuania. Appropriate initial patient status assessment and timely adequate pre-hospital care influence treatment results and outcome.
Methods.All children aged from 0 to 18 years, transported by ambulance to the Vilnius University Children´s Hospital due to an accident in 2011 year, were included into the study.In accordance with in-hospital care level (out-patients, in-patients, and treated in the intensive care unit due to severe trauma) all patients were allocated into one of the three treatment groups: mild, moderate and severe trauma. Pre-hospital trauma care and time was compared between the groups, correlation was assessed between time from alarm until arrival at scene, time from alarm until hospital arrival, and various factors: patient age, trauma severity, care level, season, time, when an accident occurred.

Keyword(s): pediatric trauma; golden hour; pre-hospital care
DOI: 10.5200/372
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