Jovita Liškutė, Rasa Tamulienė, Daiva Mačiulienė


The aim of the study: The aim of this research was to set patients emotional and functional conditions change after aesthetic restorations of teeth. Methods and research participants: The study involved 48 patiens after aesthetic restorations of teeth procedure. Written survey (questionnaire) data collection method has been used. Results: Research showed that patients emotional and functional status changed after aesthetic restorations procedure. According to the respondents opinion, emocional state changed more than functional status. The results of the research showed that patients felt more self- confident, positive and happy after aesthetic restorative procedure. Also the approach to oral hygiene changed, the respondents took more care of their teeth. Functional status changed more than emotional status. Mostly after procedure changed patients biting and chew.

Keyword(s): aesthetic restorations of teeth; emotional state; functional status.
DOI: 10.5200/sm-hs.2015.129
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