Lina Šakienė, Daiva Šalkauskienė, Mindaugas Būta, Natalja Istomina


The problem of research. The organizations of health care have to form a competent, effectively working teams, which ensure proper health care quality management. In order to increase working efficiency and to ensure the team concentration of nurses, it becomes topical to store sufficient scientific data, which would help to find out the most important obstacles in the objective to be a united and harmonious team. The object of research – the evaluation of the team concentration according to the opinion of nurses. The goal of research – to evaluate the team work in the theoretical and practical level and after analysis of data to compare the opinion of nurses working in the departments of surgical and therapeutic profiles about the team concentration. The tasks of research: 1. To reveal the conception of team work. 2. To determine the assumptions and principles of team work formation. 3. To identify the peculiarities of team work concentration of nurses. 4. To compare the received data while evaluating the team concentration among the nurses working in the departments of surgical and therapeutic profile. The methods of research. Analysis of scientific literature. Written questionnaire. Conclusions. 1. The main difference between a group and a team approach is focused and in the ensuing aspects: adequate leadership, communication, trust and efficiency. 2. The principle of formation reflection of concentrated team – community, which permits to use available human potential. 3. There is a relation between the team concentration and efficiency of activity, which depends on the norms formed in the team. The skills of communication, the solutions of problematic situations, the common goals, the plan of actions and the common activity is important to the team concentration of nurses. The basis of the team concentration of nurses is the individual understanding of every member about the skills of his/her and team members. 4. The results of research reveals that the team members of nurses work with concentration and harmony, while trusting, helping, timely informing each other, controlling and participating in the acceptance of decisions. The research conclusion meets the criteria of concentrated team work indicated in the scientific literature.

Keyword(s): nursing; team; concentration; evaluation; nurse.
DOI: 10.5200/sm-hs.2015.079
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