Rimantas Stukas, Marius Baranauskas, Kęstutis Žagminas, Linas Tubelis, Edmundas Švedas


In order to investigate diet characteristics of the Lithuanian Olympic team swimmers a continuous momentary assessment research was carried out that assessed the actual diet, the athletes’ physical state indicators and body fat condition of the Lithuanian Olympic team swimmers (n = 43) preparing for the 2012 Olympics in London. The actual diet of athletes was studied by the actual diet survey method, and body mass components were defined by BIA tetra-polar electrode method. The resistance of the body was measured by 8-12 tactile signal electrodes at different measurement frequencies: 5, 50 and 250 kHz. The results showed the imbalance of essential nutrients in the diet of swimmers. The diet of swimmers is too low in carbohydrates and too high in fat content. The amount of carbohydrates accounting for 5,6 ± 2,0 g/ kg and 5,6 ± 2,6 g/kg of body weight, respectively, does not meet the minimum recommended amount in the diet of the Lithuanian Olympic team swimmers. The fat composition in the swimmers’ diet is inappropriate, as the athletes’ nutrition involves too much of saturated fat acids and too little of poly-unsaturated fatty acids. The recommended protein content is not balanced in the diets of both men and women swimmers. The amount of protein content is deficient in 50 percent female swimmers food rations. Swimmers diet is deficient of vitamins A, D and calcium. Furthermore there are deficient amounts of vitamin B12 and minerals manganese, cupper and zinc in the diet of the Lithuanian Olympic team female swimmers.


Keyword(s): the Olympic team; athletes; swimmers; diet characteristics
DOI: 10.5200/306
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