Natalja Istomina


During the process of healing nurse is good partner. His or her responsibility and professional knowledge have great influence on
sucess of treatment. Nurse actions are of great importance monitoring, testing, determining, evaluating and solving problems of children under treatment of chemotherapy, in addition to that nurse work 184 includes teaching patients self preservation, helping them to adapt in new environment and involving family into whole treatment process. Objective of the study – to analyze specifics of nursing children, taking chemotherapy treatment, under condition of oncohematological desease. Type of the study – quantitative study. Method of the study – questionare survey. In order to survey respondents there have been made copyright form. Survey took place in hospital X, in nurse working environment from 2008 October 1st. Untill 1st. Of February 2010. Number of surveyed people – 38 nurses, feedback – 86.4% The investigation, obtain the following results: it appears that the problems involved in the physical aspect of nursing, was in the third place compared to psychological and social care problems. In the case of oncohematological desease the development of psychological problems is particularly relevant. The occurrence of side effects coused by chemotherapy drugs was mainly nausea, vomiting, mucositis and pain problems. The most common disturbance occurred in diet and drinking, urination and bowel function. Local side effects such as inflammation of the veins and extravasation developed at a lower frequency.. Cytostatic myelosuppression is the main side effects of chemotherapy giving rise to other problems. Injection of samples taken for laboratory analysis, document management, intervention procedures, basic essential daily surveillance activities of nurse are routin . Filling medical data in the entries involved in almost all surveyed nurses. Only two-thirds of the nurses consistently provide priority to aseptic practices. In patients with nausea, vomiting and seizures breathing exercises take first place. Assist in taking comfortable position and the sharp odor removal is the second way of choise. More than two-thirds of the subjects pointed communication difficulties, especially married, older and higher educated nurses. More than half of the respondents highlighted communication
failure. The main causes of this problem was defined as, “it is difficult to find adequate words “ and “hard to talk about death.” Confliced situations arising between parents and nurses are solved by choosing the way of dealing with parents and listening to soothing.

Keyword(s): chemotherapy, oncohematological diseases, nursing activity, children.
DOI: 10.5200/234
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