Antanas Romas Gvazdaitis, Kęstutis Jacikevičius, Loreta Radvinskienė, Saulius Taroza


Neurosarcoidosis is rare appearance of sarcoidosis with involvement of neural tissue. Neurosarcoidosis may damage any neural tissue, but the most often involved places are cerebral nerves, meninges and hypothalamus. Hydrecephalus is very rare manifestation of neurosarcoidosis. There is presented the young man case with intense symptomatic hydrocephalus. Magnetic rezonanse tomography revealed multiple focal damage disseminated in the cerebral fissures and near the meninges causing hydrocephalus. Endoscopic III ventriculocisternostomy rapidly improved patient‘s state. Open biopsy of pathological foci from brain fissure revealed granulomatous changes typical for sarcoidosis. Pulmonary CT revealed enlarged peribroncheal and mediastinal lymphatic nodes. Prednisolone was prescribed for long time and patient‘s state improved to premorbid level. The literature rewiew about neurosarcoidosis manifestation, diagnostics, treatment possibilities and prognosis is presented.


Keyword(s): sarcoidosis, neurosarcoidosis, hydrocephalus, diagnostics, treatment
DOI: 10.5200/sm-hs.2013.078
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